An integrated Christmas campaign to include outdoor media, a mini-magazine door drop and radio sponsorship, to support and endorse the centre's successful and on going digital/ social media marketing.


We carefully selected high profile billboard sites on arterial routes into the city and on the inner ring roads. All the 48 and 96 sheet sites were visible to motorists driving towards Fosse Shopping Park and on average each site was seen approximately 230,435 times per week. We were able to secure these impactful sites by forward planning; we sought availability in June and confirmed the bookings with the media suppliers at the beginning of July, the 4 week campaign ran from 17 Nov to 14 Dec. The creative was clear contemporary and aspirational with strong messaging.

In the middle of the outdoor campaign period, Royal Mail delivered a Christmas style and gift guide in the form of a mini-magazine to 77,0000 homes in selected areas. This was complimented by sponsorship of the weather reports on the area’s market leading radio station seven days a week.

Digital has been very successful for Fosse, the bounce rate on the web site reduced from over 55% to 24.3% when we launched their responsive website while the Fosse facebook page now boasts over 19,000 likes and 32,500 Check-ins.